In 35 years of practicing law and owning and operating my own law firm, I have learned what clients want. First, they want a straight answer on whether or not you can help them with their problem and how much it is going to cost and how long it will take.

They don't want estimates, they want trustworthy answers.    


Next, clients expect regular communication, complete honesty and your compassion. My philosophy is simple, treat clients how you would want to be treated. This captures in a nutshell what I am offering all clients: a personal, one on one, relationship with the client where I can guide them through their problem at a reasonable cost with realistic expectations based on my thirty-five years experience and skill.    


I handle many different kinds of cases. Personal injuries, wrongful deaths, commercial business disputes involving fraud, real estate disputes and condominium and homeowners association law. I also handle criminal cases, divorce and child custody. The way I approach every case is the same. Preparation is the key. Be more prepared than your adversary, then let your experience and skill kick in. Try to deliver a simple, clear message whether it is to judge or a jury and always display grace under pressure. This simple formula has worked for me for thirty-five years. I have gotten most of my clients the results they were looking for.

Paul A. McKenna


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